Intuzion Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Founded in 2012 and headquartered in India, Intuzion Technolgies believes in providing the best of service quality at a competitive price to help early stage businesses to perform and focus on their core ideas, and established organizations to optimize their operations and quality. Our core competency is our dedicated client focus, precise reporting and emphasis on providing the best in class solutions and services to start-ups and small/mid sized organisations. We offer technology/process consulting, software product development, along with testing and quality assurance. We are more than just words and codes. We are Intuziasts.

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Abhishek Malpani
The ‘Luncher’

Abhi holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from the prestigious Panjab University, Chandigarh. Prior to starting with Intuzion, he worked with the Communications, Media & Entertainment division of Infosys for 18 months, handling the development and testing of Orange Business Services account. He likes the crisps and color of money, hence the job to make sure Intuzion stays financially healthy and profitable seems legit.
And when he’s not all serious counting currency, he loves to dig into books, go for a run, crack nonsense jokes, and eat anything he can lay his hands on!

Ankit Seth
The ‘WhizKid’

Ankit is both a hardworker & smartworker since his engineering days at Panjab University. Up to speed on the tech and innovations front, he handsomely manages the entire technology backbone, development and training @ intuzion. Life begins at 9.30 am in office and continues till eternity, with small breaks dedicated to Mr.Bean, Sheldon Cooper and Tom & Jerry. A true geek(er)(est), he stays away from the limelight unless forced on stage. Team player and sport, he is always looking to scale his and the team’s creative and development flair to its extremes.
To relax after work, he relies on his time tested strategy… more work!

Amitej Kalra
The ‘Phoenix’

Amitej is the Head of Business for Intuzion. A real charmer with an ever-ready smile, he lives his life with a never-say-die attitude. After gaining valuable experience and understanding in Networking & Customer Service at Infosys, he lives, breathes and strives for client appreciation. Looking to improve client deadlines and constantly endeavoring to stretch limits and abilities, he tries to create a workplace that is not bound by the current existence of technology, but is ready to explore the unknown realms of innovation. After a hard day at work, he likes to relax with a mix of music, books and social networking!

Saurabh Singla
The ‘Wall’

Saurabh is the busiest guy in the wolf pack. Managing operational requirements and key performance at Intuzion while keeping score of his Rails development and testing portfolio may not be rocket science, but isn’t easy either. In a short span of two years at Infosys, he was given the role of leading a team in migration, development and testing of legacy systems in Java. What sets him apart is the will and determination to go the extra mile for a client and realize the delivery quality that the company stands for.
When he’s not working, he is busy planning weekend getaways, sports & taking his girlfriends to movies!